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This is a broad term, we know, but the services under this description would include:
o Menu Design
o Signature Cocktail Development
o Brand Consulting and Agreement Facilitation
o Training Staff on new Menu
o Costing
o Social Media Support and Promoting
o Photo Shoots and Content Creation
This service is ideal for venues and any beverage brands in need of exposure and promotion

Consulting is available as:


The below prices include the costing for each drink.
Twisted Classics – You enjoy the simplicity of a G&T or a Whiskey Sours, but wouldn’t it be cooler if it
were on fire?

R850.00 Per Cocktail


This drink is designed for you, our client, and is the only one like it on the market.

R1250.00 Per Cocktail

Training will be conducted on site at the client’s venue. We break this down into hourly sessions to ensure the staff take in as much information as possible, without it being an information overload. The number of sessions depend on your needs and your staff’s abilities.

R650.00 Per Hour

Photo Shoots, Content Creation, and Social Media Brand Shoots

This usually takes one to two days, depending on the number of products that need to be styled and photographed.

R650.00 Per Hour

The Basic/ Entry Level Menu

This is perfect for a first-time venue owner or clients that are new to working with consultants, with a team that is new to the cocktail culture and the industry. It is also ideal for venues with a limited budget but still wants a competitive beverage selection on offer. It is a simple program that can be implemented within a month.

Consists of the following:

  • 6 Signature Cocktails
  • 4 Twisted Classics
  • 4 hours of initial training
  • 2 hours of follow-up training
  • 5 hours of Media and Marketing (photo shoots, content creation, 2 Social Media posts on our platforms)

Total Cost to Company: R17300.00

The Intermediate/ Revival Menu

This is ideal for clients who are experienced venue owners and have worked with consultants in the industry before. The venue team should ideally have experience with cocktails and the industry. This package is designed to be an upgrade to the Basic/ Entry Level Package. This Menu and all its components can be implemented within a time frame of six weeks.

Consists of the following:

  • 8 Signature Cocktails
  • 6 Twisted Classics
  • 6 hours of initial training
  • 3 hours follow-up training
  • 10 hours of Media and Marketing (photo shoots, content creation, 4 Social Media posts on our platforms)

Total Cost to Company: R26375.00

The Advanced/ Big Daddy Menu

This Menu is designed to fit the needs of a well-established restaurant with experienced staff. It’s the most advanced Menu with the most training and complexity. Depending on the number of staff it can be implemented within 8 weeks.

Consists of the following:

  • 10 Signatures
  • 8 Twisted Classics
  • 8 hours of initial training
  • 4 hours of follow-up training
  • 12 hours of Media and Marketing (photo shoots, content creation, 6 Social Media posts on our platforms)

Total Cost to Company: R33500.00

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