Dried Fruit Disks Weekly Prep Package




Package Includes:

Grapefruit Halve Disks 30+ 80g
Pineapple Disks 20+ 70g
Lemon Disks 35+ 70g
Orange Disks 34+ 100g
Lime Disks 70+ 100g

Additional information


Grapefruit Disks 17+ 50g, Grapefruit Halve Disks 30+ 80g, Pineapple Disks 20+ 70g, Lemon Disks 25+ 50g, Lemon Disks 35+ 70g, Orange Disks 17+ 50g, Orange Disks 34+ 100g, Lime Disks 35+ 50g, Lime Disks 70+ 100g

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