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GAS Cloud is a flying foam maker that generates edible flying clouds of helium gas bubbles with flavors, aromas, and shapes on various dishes and drinks. It is the new gourmet technology that produces large and consistent amounts of flavored bubbles.

The bubble flavors are not limited; mousse for desserts, sauces for salty dishes, and interesting elements for cocktails, which can be adjusted to the desired consistency and density for different effects, they can be used in all aspects and allow you to get the most out of your culinary and mixology creations.

  • Glass Column x 1
  • Silicon Base x 1
  • Exhaust Disc x 1
  • Explosion-Proof Gas Tank x 1
  • Foam Knife x 1
  • Foam Powder (50g) x 1 can
  • Mini Blender x 1
  • 3 Foam Stands x 1 Set
  • GAS Cloud Kit (Air Pump Included)

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