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Whether it is for a Bar, Restaurant, Hotel, B&B or Private company.
o Waiters
o Bartenders
o Hostesses
o Bar Support
o Managers

We have an existing database with CVs of screened persons seeking employment in the hospitality industry

Finding employment is difficult and finding good competent staff even more so. Our team at TTB Beverage Solutions want to bring hard working industry staff to employee seeking venues and companies in a hassle free way.

We have created a database with persons seeking employment and we have already screened them and contacted their references. This makes finding staff much easier and eliminates the tedious sifting through CVs and following up on previous employment.
We are also passionate about introducing young people to the hospitality industry, and we will always recommend people without experience for entry level positions.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to work and promote to higher positions.

Event Staff Costs – Whether you are hosting a party, wedding, birthday, staff get together or any other event where beverages or food is served, we can provide staff charged at an hourly rate.

This excludes AA rate, staff meals and any equipment rental, stock or sundries

Position Per Hour
Bar Support R65.00
Bartender R110.00
Manager R150.00
Waiter R95.00

Staff Placement – This is for venues looking for permanent staff members. We will assist the venue in the screening and interview process as well as the staff member with salary negotiations.

For us the ideal would be a win for all parties.

Position Flat Rate
Bar Support R550.00
Bartender R1150.00
Manager R1750.00
Waiter R875.00

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