Lime Juice is a key ingredient in many food and cocktail recipes that simply cannot be substituted. Unfortunately, limes are hyper seasonal, and have a very short shelf life of only 48 hours once juiced. During the South African summer periods, all limes are imported, thus pushing the cost up to insane amounts.

Lekka Lime was created to solve all these problems. Essentially, its lime juice created in a lab, using the same recipe as nature. Natural ingredients like Water, Citric acid, Malic acid, etc are all blended together in the same ratios found in nature, to create a excellent substitute to freshly juiced limes. It tastes and looks identical and is perfect for cocktails and cooking.

Furthermore, Lekka Lime solves the 4 biggest problems for bar owners,

  • Availability,
  • Consistency
  • Cost.
  • Shelf Life

Lekka Lime is super consistent, available year round, at the same price, without seasonal hikes. It also has a 12 month shelf life.